Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop is THE company for ground- and digging works, crop clearing works and civil works!

For providing specialized, mechanical services related to modern horticulture, nurseries, agricultural engineering and ground-, road- and waterworks we are the right company for you. We provide (almost) all services for the execution of works regarding ground- and digging works, crop clearing works and civil works, but we also sell for example sand, grass seed or concrete panels. Click here for an overview of our company and of what kind of works we can provide you with.

Why should you pick Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop?
1. Our company has been in business since 1964, which means that we have a lot of experience in all possible fields
2. We have a highly varied and complete collection of machines. We can offer you suitable machines for every possible project
3. We have a modern fleet of trucks that consists of minimum 18 trucks, that we use to transport our machines in a quick and efficient way
4. Our innovative and motivated staff is able to adapt the machines to your specific wishes and requirements
5. We are active in all areas of The Netherlands and also regularly internationally
6. We are pioneers and are not afraid to take on a challenge
7. Our motto: saying something is impossible is not an option!

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