Work at Loonbedrijf J.P. van Nieuwkoop
Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop is a versatile, modern and leading company that mostly offers specialized, mechanical services related to modern horticulture, nurseries, agricultural engineering and ground-, road- and waterworks. Our services are very diverse and in order to be able to provide these services we have an extensive machinery at our disposal that consists of among other things 17 trucks that we use to transport our own machines, 20 tractors that range from 25 until 260 horsepower, 10 cranes that range from 1 to 30 tons, 10 push dozers that range from 1.40 meters until 2.50 meters wide and 6 large shredding machines until 653 horsepower.

Our company is located in Gouda, but our customers are located throughout all of Holland. Next to that, we also regularly work outside of Holland. Our international customers are mostly located in Belgium, Germany, Spain and England, but we also work sometimes in other countries like Italy and Portugal.

Our company culture is very informal and there is a high degree of team spirit among our company and employees. Our team of around 25 motivated employees consists of both highly experienced employees that work for our company for many years already and younger employees, which makes our team of employees very diverse. Together with our great team of employees and our extensive machinery we aim for satisfied customers by providing the best services every day.

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