Ground- and excavation works

Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop is THE company for almost all your work activities related to ground- and excavation works since those are also 1 of the main activities of our company.

Both in The Netherlands as abroad we have many years of experience with big projects like new and existing greenhouses up to 12 hectares, but also with smaller projects. Ground- and excavation works that we can execute for you in a professional way are among other things:

1. (Deep) ploughing
2. Moulding
3. Rotorkopeggen
4. (Laser-based) levelling
5. (Drain) profiling
6. Chain-based excavating
7. Excavating at diverse depths and widths
8. Construction of waterbeds
9. Preparing and working very wet soil by making use of unslaked lime

Curious about the possibilities?