Crop clearing

1 of the main activities of Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop is mechanical crop clearing in greenhouses, both in The Netherlands as abroad in for example Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Over the years most greenhouses have gotten bigger and bigger and in order to be able to clear the old crops in a relatively short time Loonbedrijf van Nieuwkoop has invested in powerful crop clearing machines with an average capacity of 8.000 to 12.000 square meters per hour. In total we have 6 crop clearing machines in our collection of machines, that allow us to shred your old crops (for example tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and so on) on carpets in a quick and efficient way and ride it out of the greenhouse by using a pushdozer.

Next to the 6 crop clearing machines we also have 4 turning out machines in our collection of machines that allow us to turn out substrate like rockwool, coco and so on, but also thief leaves and cucumber crops, in a quick and efficient way on carpets and ride it out of the greenhouse by using a pushdozer. The average capacity of our turning out machines lies on average between 10.000 to 14.000 square meters per hour.

Sale of carpets

Next to our crop clearing activities we are importer and seller of top quality carpets ranging from 140 grams/square meter up to 200 grams/square meter. In comparison to using our carpets for the clearing of crops having your own carpets has the following advantages:

• Hygiene
Our carpets are used at a lot of our customers, so there is always a risk that any potential crop viruses are transferred via the carpets. At an additional cost we offer the possibility to disinfect our carpets in advance in order to decrease this risk, but when using your own carpets there is no risk at all.

• Freedom and independence
Having your own carpets gives you more freedom and independence in your planning since you are no longer dependent on the availability of our carpets.
• Discount on our crop clearing activities
If we use your carpets instead of our carpets for the clearing of crops you receive an attractive discount on our prices for crop clearing activities since our standard price is based on the use of our carpets.

Note: for logistical reasons, we require most of our international customers to have their own carpets. Please contact us for more information.

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